The company started in the 50s, in a small belt craft workshop. In 1970 the legal company Miguel Bellido S.A. was constituted.

After 70 years the founder’s main principles, philosophy and values still remain, mainly based on know-how as a result of his profound knowledge of the trade.

The quality in the selection of the raw materials, an impeccable finish of the product, a marked artisan character and an exclusive design are the keys that explain the success that Miguel Bellido S.A. has had from the start.


OLIMPO, brand owned by Miguel Bellido S.A. is manufactured in our facilities in Spain, in which our entire human team work in a pleasant space, maintaining the values and philosophy.


OLIMPO was born in 1980 with clearly identifying values- THE KNOW-HOW – as its emblem.

In OLIMPO each detail is meticulously taken care of to ensure that each product made with the best raw materials are top quality.

A value that characterizes OLIMPO is its exclusivity. We have our own design department that constantly works on capturing new trends to create and develop collections that combine traditional craftsmanship with the latest technologies, resulting in unique products.


In 1980, the Miguel Bellido S.A. Group decided to launch OLIMPO, a brand which, since its beginnings, has stood out for its pursuit of excellence and uncompromising quality. The success of its first line of men’s genuine leather belts inspired it to forge ahead, while staying true to its sense of dedication and professionalism.

The ever evolving world of fashion has led OLIMPO to diversify and branch out into other areas. Its shirts and ties, among other items, have converted OLIMPO into a fashion industry leader.

The ‘Made in Spain’ label, a true and tested hallmark of quality, is one of the firm’s fundamental strengths. Through innovative manufacturing processes and top-of-the line materials, OLIMPO is able to produce original, unique pieces without forsaking the firm’s traditional artisanal methods.

Another key to the success of the brand is its dynamic design department, a forward-thinking team of creative professionals whose expertise and ingenuity bring the leather, the fabrics, the silks to life…creating exclusive products that stand out for their originality and freshness.

Naturally, the end product is only as good as the materials and OLIMPO is committed to obtaining only the best. The ability to go out and select raw materials in their points of origin, has been instrumental in guaranteeing quality products.
Thanks to its ability to adapt itself to the global marketplace, and its Spanish fashion know-how, over 40 countries look to OLIMPO as a reference point.

It has a presence in the most highly regarded tailor shops, selected department stores and specialty shops worldwide.